Once Again, Terrorism Doesn’t Exist

We’ve seen it time and time again at this point.  The progressives and leftist liberals in this country have been hell-bent on decrying the right as racist, hate mongering radicals that will inevitably become violent.  MSNBC has continually run “tea-time” and tea-party segments about the violence that could ensue at tea party rallies, and the New York Times has run op-eds such as Paul Krugman’s “Going to Extreme” where he doesn’t even question the notion that the Tea Party is full of extremists.  The right-wing has suddenly become slurred as racist pigs that somehow seek to impose a white supremacist agenda on the country.  Chris Matthews even has the gall to make a documentary called “The Rise of the New Right

Now, put this side by side with the terror attacks that have occurred since the right became more vocal.  Acts that, to the normal American, to anyone with half a brain are so obviously acts of terror by what is most likely Islamic extremists, are now being initially pinned on the “angry right”.  Acts that reek of al-Qaeda connections, that are committed by Muslims themselves are, to the left, clearly racist acts by the “radical right”.  The left has gone off the deep end.

Take the Times Square Bomber.  A bomb, sketchily in a car, left in Times Square.  As if the most obvious perpetrator of this is a Tea Partier?  As if the most obvious choice for someone who would attempt to murder scores of New Yorkers and tourists is an American?  Take Mayor Bloomburg’s initial reaction, where he pegs it on someone angry with the government, acting alone:

Take the Fort Hood massacre where the act was blamed on an American soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder from being deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq, even when Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan had business cards where he called himself a “soldier of Allah” and was a known radical among his superiors. MSNBC pushes the idea that this is PTSD:

No, once again, the idea of someone murdering other soldiers could not possibly be a radical Islamic terrorist. That would be jumping to conclusions.

So now we are faced with this Flotilla of Peace that the Israelis boarded, the Flotilla where “human rights activists” were killed and Israeli soldiers wounded. Yes, this is a tragedy. Yes, the loss of human life is irreprehensible. But once again, even when video of the Israelis being beaten with metal rods, chains and broken bottles was released:

Even when another video of the incident was released,

Even when yet another video surfaced of the Mavi Marmara “peace activists” was released showing the weapons they used:

Even when evidence began to arise that the flotilla was a provocation organized by the IHH (Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief), which had known ties to al-Qaeda, even when the fact that the IHH was condemned by the French judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere for having “clear, long-standing ties to terrorism and Jihad”, even when the fact that the flotilla was barred from docking in Cyprus due to its questionable terrorist ties, even when the fact that the people on the flotilla had prepared wills before embarking, the UN, the left and radical Islamic sympathizers around the world were quick and persistent in condemning Israel for its so-called brutal and unjustified attack:

And the idea that “Israel is a lunatic state”:

I stand with Israel in their necessary defense of their country against an enemy that seeks to wipe them from the face of this Earth.  These were not human rights workers.  Both the Israelis and the Egyptians offered to take the supplies into Gaza themselves.  The blockade is a necessary defense against radical Islamists who would love nothing more than to provide Hamas with weapons to use against Israel, and even in light of this the Israelis still let non-weapon and non-military aid pass into Gaza to the people who need it.

I think it’s time that the left and the progressives in this country and in this world come to realize that violent, murderous attacks are not the product of the radical right.  They the product of patriotic, morally guided and reasonable Americans. They are not the product of your next-door neighbor proudly flying the Stars and Stripes, nor are they the product of the people who travel to Washington because they are concerned about how much debt we are transferring onto future generations.

Murderous attacks are most likely committed by terrorists. Cut the crap and face the truth.

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