Forget Obama, Follow Christie

You could have listened to Obama’s failure of a speech last night where he not only lied about oil drilling (that we’re running out of places in the US to drill), but also his complete misstep in making the spill the moral equivalent of war. What people thirsted for was a straight-up, no holds barred speech about the plan to fix this. Not an appeal to religion to pray for courage and a push for a mess of an energy bill that, if anything, is a ploy to make the people who stuff the democratic donation boxes absurdly rich with a carbon tax. By the way, a carbon tax would also apply to coal and natural gas, two resources that we have in this country in massive abundances. So a carbon tax is not about making us energy independent.

To me, Obama looked uglier than ever last night. Any fleeting vestige of what I once saw as an ability to lead had disappeared entirely. During his campaign, he was always just someone I disagreed with wholeheartedly, but I appreciated his charisma in speaking. Now, after he forced horrendous bills through congress and has lied through his teeth time and time again, his face is twisting into something repugnant when he speaks. I truly believe that President Obama’s policies are not only repressing the recovery of this nation, they are transforming it in a way that will take years, if not decades, to undo.

Now let’s take a man who can lead: Chris Christie. He is quickly becoming not only my favorite governor ever, but also one of my favorite politicians. This man has a true, undeniable ability to lay down the facts in a logical way, to not sugar-coat difficult situations, and yet to somehow leave us with the belief that we can fix our mistakes and rebuild this country to be stronger than ever. And, in contrast to Obama’s unceasing ability to divide this nation with every time he speaks, Chris Christie somehow brings together people of all ideologies all walks of life, to join him in solving our broken reality. This is a man who inspires trust and loyalty. This is a man who is not only competent, he also acts on his spoken promises. Take his reorganization of New Jersey public schools in order to improve performance and reduce spending.

At any rate, everyone should watch this clip of Gov. Christie. Just like Obama’s oil spill speech, this is something Obama should have said long ago. These are the words of a leader, not a detached narcissistic academic:

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