The Slow Death of the Liberal Media

In all ways due to the reporting of the Daily Caller, the liberal media is now dying a slow death.  Let me get something straight; I am a consumer of the liberal media.  I watch and read it because I like to know the arguments the other side is making about controversial issues, and I like to know the spin they’re attempting to put on stories the conservative media breaks and covers.  That being said, lately I’ve found that they’re floundering so badly I can’t even keep the channel on msnbc.  It’s one lie after another; their coverage is not even rooted in reality. 

That’s where the Daily Caller comes in.  For the past few days they’ve been releasing statements made on a listserv called Journolist that over 400 liberal “journalists”, opinion leaders, academics and government operatives belonged to.  In these statements they blatantly conspire as to how to get Obama elected, how to smear the reputations of conservative leaders  and commentators (like how to destroy Sarah Palin) and how to put a liberal spin on news stories.  What’s more, they ponder how to shut down Fox News (can you say “authoritarian fascist”?), how they would feel about Rush Limbaugh’s slow death, and their deeply emotional crying jags at Obama’s election.  The entire thing reads like a fascist love story for our current administration. 

So now the liberal media has their undies in a bundle over this Sherrod story.  Last night, specifically, Rachel Maddow attacked Fox News for jumping the gun on this and for purposefully trying to smear her reputation.

Forget the fact that she was fired before ever appearing on Fox News, and forget the fact that as soon as it was released Fox News was running the entire unedited video.  That little tidbit that most Fox commentators were saying that Sherrod was wronged was left out of the conversation on the Maddow Show, as well.

But the funniest part of the show was when she ran a segment where she attacked Fox for race baiting.  According to her, Fox repeatedly tries to make white folks scared of black folks by running stories of reverse racism.  To back up her claim, she says to look at the stories that Fox ran that other news outlets ignored, such as the ACORN story, the Van Jones story and now the Sherrod story.  According to Maddow, these all had one thing in common: they were about black racists. 

But watching her show now is completely laughable.  Putting aside the fact that the ACORN story had swathes of evidence for their being a massively corrupt organization that, on many occasions, committed election fraud and forget that Van Jones was a self-avowed Marxist, she forgot to mention one more story Fox News is running that msnbc is completely ignoring: the Journolist story.  Having nothing to do with race, this is probably because her show is a constant stream of Journolist-ers like Chris Hayes and Ezra Klein.  On the listserv, Klein even said things like, “Keep the ideas coming! Have to go on TV to talk about this in a few min and need all the help I can get”.  So we now know that the commentators on that show are operatives of Journolist, whose sole mission it was to elect and defend Barack Obama.  But if Maddow were to cover this story, it would completely discredit her.  She would be ruined.  This story is not about black racists, it’s about blatant Liberal bias in the media and a mass conspiracy as to the news and commentary that they should force-feed the American public.  It’s sickening.

Reading outlets like the Post, the Times, Mother Jones and the Huffington Post and watching msnbc used to make me angry.  I used to lash out in complete indignation against their lies and liberal spin.  This morning I sat down, read and watched their news and laughed.  I can’t take them seriously anymore.  The idea that they had colluded with one another to come up with their stories, the idea that they sitting in front of the camera pretending to be serious about the stories they’re feeding us is just funny.  They’ve lost all credibility.  How will they lie their way around this one?

The George Soros-owned Media Matters attempted to smear the story as lies, but considering that they basically run the liberal media, they’re throwing rocks at glass houses.  Anyone who has seen this story will laugh when they look at the stories Media Matters pushes.

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