About This Forced Amnesty Thing…Ramnesty?

I’ve spent the last year and a half warning about the increasing size of government, and how, even if you agree with the bills Congress has passed, this increased size is slowly eating away at our liberties.  Take, for example, this recent story about a memo circulating around the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  Apparently written by four staffers and addressed to USCIS Alejandro Mayorkas, it lists tools it says the administration has to “reduce the threat of removal” for many illegal immigrants in contact with immigration authorities.  The mumbo-jumbo of the memo is very technical, which has led many to think that the threat of the administration taking this sort of random amnesty (Ramnesty?) is very real and very present. 

The administration says it will not do this, but that is besides the point.  The dangerous aspect of this entire situation shows just how much power the executive branch of this government has usurped.  They have not quite made the leap into completely rendering Congress obsolete by passing their own laws, but they are toeing that line very, very closely.  As of right now, they have claimed the power to legislate in almost every area of our lives if the Administration chooses to do so.  For the most part, they have thankfully not acted on that power, but it still doesn’t matter.  They have that power.  And for the last year they have been using that very fact to pull the mannequin strings of Democratic congress members.

Take, for example, the healthcare bill.  The Obama administration was very clear in the beginning about their support for a single-payer system.  The shock value of the threat of such a policy was enough to make the idea of a public option look massively more palatable.  The Democrats weren’t able to get that one through, but in the end what was passed was still a fairly radical piece of legislation that will, in my opinion, prove to be devastating to our healthcare system.  It created an entire new beaurocracy that now has the ability and right to act autonomously without Congressional control.  Oh, and the Director of this Crapocracy calls British socialized medicine a “seductress” (By the way, England has just begun rationing because they can’t pay for the healthcare everyone needs.  I feel so seducted). 

Then take the energy bill.  In that one, the Obama administration actually did bypass Congress when the EPA announced that carbon was a pollutant and therefore under their purvey for regulation.  Let me clear about this: unelected public employee officials are now in effect legislating regulation.  This shift in power will prove to render Congress powerless unless they begin to reassert their own significance.  Considering that most sessions just end in partisan shouting matches, I doubt they’ll be doing anything useful anytime soon. 

Speaking more on the green jobs issue, I was flabbergasted when I saw this suggestion from a green jobs advocate:

I don’t even know what to say, other than perhaps congrats on some seriously fantastic scheming.  This guy is basically advocating how the President could completely bypass Congress by using the sheer size of the government to “reduce carbon emissions” and effectively generate green jobs and green industry (what he calls the “Big Green Buy”). That one man, one man with a pen that most people in this country do not approve of right now could effectively determine which companies succeed and which companies do not. There is a term for this, and it is called state capitalism. The fact that there is someone even considering doing such a thing is dangerous. The executive branch does have the power to issue executive orders, but for the most part they are relegated to emergency situations that require immediate action. But everything to this government is an emergency. Do you really think that carbon emissions is something that has to be acted today, at this very moment, immediately? Do you really think the future and safety of our nation are in such risk of being destroyed that we can’t take the correct path of legislation through Congress mandated in the Constitution of the United States? We cannot afford to give the Obama Administration any more power than they have grabbed in the last 18 months. This Ramnesty 2010 issue is just a result of that. Even if they aren’t intending to force amnesty on us without going through Congress, they are using it effectively as a threat. A threat that if Congress doesn’t grant amnesty, the Administration will. Does that really make our representatives and senators in Congress that we elected free to act as they see fit, without outside influence other than their constituents? No. The Administration is holding Congress hostage, and it is getting worse and worse by the day.

Th other strategy this may be reflective of is their willingness to use, as I mentioned before, the “shock value” of such a threat to make their original intent more palatable to the American people. With the looming specter of Ramnesty 2010 hanging over our heads, I have a feeling normal Congressional amnesty will by much more appealing, and citizens will be much more willing to support such a “normal” measure. The idea of even just a path to citizenship, in comparison to Ramnesty, seems more than reasonable. They’ve used this tactic time and time again to make their more than radical original ideas appealing to the American people, and I have a feeling that they are using that tactic right now with this “leak” of the memo to the public. We should not be fooled. I personally believe that we have to reform immigration, and would even support a guest worker program and even a path to citizenship, but considering the false promise of real immigration reform in the Reagan era that only resulted in mass amnesty, I think that we as citizen must have assurances that our borders will be controlled first. In line with my idea of the “Plug the Damn Hole” politics, I firmly believe that we need to stop the flow of illegals into the United States before we decide what we are going to do with those who are already here. That is not an unreasonable request.

But in the end, do not be snookered by this memo. If they are not actually going to institute Ramnesty, they will use this to force Congress to do it instead. They’re playing a disgusting little game of power politics.

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