Toxic Liberal Rhetoric…Are They For Real?

I’ve been disenchanted for a while with many far-left liberals, their lies and misinformation and the way they demonize people who disagree with them policy-wise as either stupid, racist, or ignorant. It is nothing new, and anyone turning on msnbc at any time during the day or opening the New York Times and then fact-checking their stories would see the obvious bias. But today I saw a video that almost made me  lose it (warning: repeated foul language use):

I don’t even know what to say. As a nation right now, we are facing officially a 9.5% continuous unemployment number, with underemployment and people who stopped looking making the number look more like 14% or 15%. We are trillions of dollars in debt. We have started buying our own debt, something that may in fact lead to massive inflation. The stock market jumps around more than a kid in a moon walk. People have lost faith in their government to actually fix anything, and businesses are screaming to the tune of 75% that not only are they not looking at growth, they are fearing a double-dip recession. The Fed has scaled back growth estimates. The war in Afghanistan is languishing, with many people now second-guessing the reason why we are fighting in that country in the first place. Tensions in our country, for almost everyone, are as tight as a stretched rubber band just waiting to snap. This is serious stuff. And in light of all this, some sarcastic, self-involved, disenchanted, snot-faced kids put together what they think is an “edgy” video about the tea party.

This is not edgy. This is idiocy. First of all, the whole “I ‘m just going to excessively use the work “f*ck” and that alone will give me credibility” route to pushing the limits is laughable. If you’re going to make fun of the tea party, at least be a little bit more creative. This video doesn’t lend well to these people’s overall intelligence level. We cannot afford at the moment to not face our monstrous problems and hide our heads cowardly behind an easily constructed mask of hatred and demonization. Rather than trying to start a dialogue as to how we are going to ensure the survival and success of our country, this video does nothing more than make two groups of Americans turn against one another. And yes, both groups consist of Americans. We are all in this together, we are all facing this economic atmosphere together, we are all facing these questions of the role of government together, and we will all live with the results and consequences of our own actions together. The people who made this are doing nothing to solve any problems, and are nothing but a group of entitled teenagers who thumb their noses at people who have been alive much longer than them and may have a different perspective. I am 23, and I would not dream of ever even signing on to something like this. At least the sub-culture idiots in the 60s were doing something truly subversive when they were squirting bottles of urine at police and flying the Viet-Cong flag. It was irreprehensible and disgusting but that, at least, took some guts.

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