Al Jazeera Attacks Arizona

If anyone is interested in how Al-Jazeera viewers across the world are viewing the Arizona immigration policy, I would watch this:

The best part, in my opinion, is the blatant bias in this piece about America being bigoted. Nothing was mentioned about the popularity of the measure both in Arizona and the US, there is no mention that the bill specifically outlaws racial profiling, and that the bill basically mirrors federal law. Instead, the bill is portrayed as a human rights violation that tears families apart, deports people for no reason and is steeped in racism and prejudice against Mexicans. The only congressman interviewed in the piece was Rep. Raul Grijalva, a far-left liberal whose stances are decidedly outside of the mainstream (partial-birth abortions, anyone?). He of course does not support the measure, mainly because he thinks that the federal government should be implementing blanket amnesty. Cue the Mexican student crying because she only wants to study. Cue the Mexican father-to-be who has lived in the US since he was three months old just deported to Nogales.

The entire thing is disgusting. The Mexican immigrants in the video are being shamelessly exploited because they have stories that would make any sane human being feel badly for their situations. But instead of discussing how illegal immigration is tearing apart businesses, taxpayers, law enforcement and communities, and how people are simply trying to enforce our existing immigration laws, the protesters and the open-borders types are glorified. Nothing is mentioned about the battles against the drug cartels across the border, nothing is mentioned about he murders, the crime, and the destructive disregard for human life that the cartels hold. The video instead portrays the people rallying against SB 1070 as morally sound. Anyone notice the Che flag flying in the middle of that rally? I’m sure these people are only concerned about the immigration law, and have no ties to communism, socialism, SEIU, the AFL-CIO or La Raza.

Dear Al Jazeera: you are officially biased idiots, and your attempts to smear regular Americans as racist bigots hurts our standing on the world stage. But maybe that was your goal.

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